Panerai Luminor 1950 Copy Watches UK With Bronze Cases

In the past memories of sailors, bronze is always connected with the sea because the sailing ships of old times are full of this material. Long days and wet environments would make bronze wares grow the patina. In 2011, Panerai launched the first watches with bronze cases and gained huge acclaim. And then in 2013, Panerai introduced brand new ones with bronze cases.


Panerai Luminor 1950 replica watches with dark green dials are driven by P.9002 calibre, self-winding mechanical movements which can save 3-day power. The bronze made for cases is called CuSn8 that is an alloy consisting of fine copper and pure tin. This kind of material is highly resistant to corrosion.


Panerai fake watches with brown leather straps are similar to the original ones in appearance. There is an important new feature at 4 o’clock on the dials that is a power reserve indicator. There is also a small second dial at 9’clock equipped with the device to return to zero. There are many advanced technologies applied to the new watches with classical designs. You can have one if you have extra money.

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