Two Panerai Radiomir Copy Watches UK With Black Dials As Reviewed

  1. Panerai Radiomir Replica Watches With Brown Calf Straps

The diameter of their black ceramic cases is 45mm. The linear lugs can be removed. Their hour markers are luminescent indexes and Arabic numbers. There are luminescent hour and minute hands in the center showing the time clearly.


Their black dials are decorated with Clou de Paris patterns. Their simple functions are supported by Cal. OP X, hand-wound mechanical movements with 17 jewels. They are equipped with Glucydur balances and Incabloc absorbers. The power reserve is 56 hours.

  1. Panerai Radiomir Fake Watches With Hand-Wound Mechanical Movements

Panerai watches have 45mm black ceramic cases with detachable linear lugs. Their movements with 21 jewels are made by Panerai completely. The Cal. P2002/3 is equipped with KIF Parechoc absorber and Glucydur balance. The frequency is 4 Hz and the power reserve is 8 days.

Panerai-Radiomir-Black-Dials-ReplicaThere are luminescent indexes and Arabic numbers as hour markers. Their luminescent hour and minute hands show the time in the center. There is a sub-dial at 9 o’clock used for small seconds. Besides, a power reserve indicator is set at 6.

These two watches all have solid sapphire glasses to protect the dials. They are waterproof to 100m. The first watches have decent and noble designs and the second ones have reliable and mysterious feelings. Either one has its own advantages.


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